BOOK REVIEW by Ronna Levy  |  Kingsborough Community College Brooklyn, New York

Securing a Place for Reading in Composition

by Ellen C. Carillo. Logan: Utah State UP, 2015. 199 pp.  | TETYC May 2016


An excellent resource, this text serves to inform curricula and pedagogy; additionally, sections of the book can easily support faculty development for writing teach- ers in the two-year college. Read more...

Ronna J. Levy in City Tails, an alternative family show that presents an animated window into the heart, mind and soul of the inner-city.  Through cartoon adaptations of ORIGINAL URBAN FABLES written by inner-city students, we will hear the dynamic voice of contemporary street culture -- straight from the pens of those who really live it.


​​​'This Gonna Be on the Test, Miss?

"Literature Circles Go to College" - Levy, Ronna J.  |  Journal of Basic Writing, v30 n2 p53-83 Fall 2011

In basic writing classrooms and scholarship, reading too often remains invisible; neither research nor established practice provides tangible activities to support reading and connect it to writing. This article documents a search for structured, scaffolded, low-stakes reading activities, a search that moves off the college campus and into the elementary classroom where reading is more commonly taught. It is in this classroom space that Harvey Daniels's Literature Circles have evolved, and they offer a model for helping students engage in and experience reading as a process that supports and complements writing. The article posits Literature Circles, a student-centered and collaborative approach to reading used primarily in the lower grades, as a methodology that can offer college-level, basic-writing students an inventory of reading strategies for entering and navigating a text, initiating textual discussions, deepening comprehension of and connection to reading, and expanding the experience of writing. ​​Read more...

Community College 

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Facts About Community College in the United States

The community college is the largest segment of higher education.


  • Nearly 50% of all U.S. undergraduates attend a community college
  • 60 % of students who enter community college are academically underprepared  
  • 24% of students graduate from a community college after 3 years
  • 12% graduate after transferring to a four-year institution

Community colleges have taken the lead in homeland security education.


  • 80% of police
  • 86% of fire fighters
  • 84% of EMTs

received their credentials at community colleges?