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Ronna Levy in City Tails

CITY TAILS is an educational series that presents an animated window into the hearts, minds, and souls of urban community college students, specifically students that are placed in a remedial reading and writing class because they are considered academically underprepared. CITY TAILS gives voice to a student population that is virtually voiceless.

Using the fable as a model, students are guided through the creative composition process and exposed to the fundamentals of story structure, leading to the creation of fully-formed urban FABLES. These fables reflect students’ dynamic voices and their lived experiences in astonishingly fresh STORIES-WITH-A-MORAL.  

Students work side-by-side with professional writers to shape and script their stories into cartoon adaptations unlike any we are used to seeing on TV or the web.  Art students draw the cartoon characters and situations represented in the stories. 


CITY TAILS is witty, satirical, and sometimes wacky with a Simpsons-like tone.  And while it’s true that CITY TAILS is conceptually a “talking animal” series, this is not Bugs Bunny. These aren’t stories dreamed up by well-paid Hollywood TV writers. These aren’t stories filled with the Hollywood movie versions of the underprepared urban college student. These are authentic stories about real situations, tribulations, revelations, aspirations, and dreams.  These are authentic stories that are funny, heart-breaking, heart-warming, and inspiring. These are authentic stories that will make you laugh, cringe, cry, and think.

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My Students' Fables

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